May News

A flash fiction piece of mine – Alphabet Song – has been published by EUNOIA REVIEW, a fine Singapore-based literary journal publishing two new pieces of writing from around the world.


Ian Murphy’s debut novel is a journey into the memory of a man nearing the end, confronting a mysterious past where truth and lies become one.

Sarah Morgan’s death has haunted those who loved her. A lifetime later, her cantankerous widower Miles, having lived an inconveniently long life in the depths of the Scottish Borders, now approaches his own end. Architect of his memory, he seeks to find those responsible for the death of his wife, losing himself in a maze of fading memories, suspicions and betrayals to uncover the truth before his own time runs out.

Available in Paperback & eBook here…


As a boy, Ian wanted to be a writer. More specifically, he wanted to be a novelist. Even more specifically, he wanted to be a knovelist with a silent ‘k’. Nevertheless, Ian wrote his debut novel – The Life Lived – and has since completed two further novels. One is a speculative mystery and the other a YA time travelling adventure with an ecological theme – both currently out for query. Ian’s short fiction has appeared alongside Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood in the anthology Tales On Tweet, and his readings have included appearances at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015/16. His stories have featured on a variety of online literary publications and he continues to write whenever his two young children allow him the time.